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Noir- Fringe Festival 2011

I'm appearing in a Fringe show, starting August 17th. Check it out...I think it will be fun...

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Right or wrong, what does it matter? Only the movies are black and white.

Four actors, without the benefit of any set or props, 
create an entire 75 minute film noir.
It even complies with all the standards 
and practices of The Hays Code!
a new play by Stanley F. Werse
directed by Marc Geller
Andrew Dawson
Darrell Glasgow
Michael McCoy
and Abby Royle as Helen Lydecker

sound design by Jack M. Kennedy
lighting design by Daniel Owen Dungan
costume design by Ashley Rose Horton
stage manager Adrianna Perlman

The first performance is on August 17th at the Connelly Theatre
tickets and information: 866-468-7619 or

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